Do you ship outside of Canada? is focused on servicing Canadian customers exclusively at this time.

How is my order packaged?

All orders are shipped discreetly. Orders are packed in standard, brown unmarked envelopes or boxes with a single mailing label. The mailing label would have only : your name & address, Canada Post tracking information, and our return address. Shipping companies require us to add return addresses to all outgoing shipments but they are as neutral as possible. A copy of your final invoice / receipt will be enclosed _inside_ of the box. At no point is there anything visible on the outside of the box that refers to where or what you purchased.

Where is my order?

You will receive a confirmation email when your order ships. The email will contain a tracking number. We ship all orders via Canada Post. You can track your shipment here.

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Please describe your testing procedure

As in our brick & mortar stores, customers can request that we insert batteries into any electric / electronic device that you intend to purchase to verify that it is 100% functional. (No, we don't test them 'that' way :-) ). You have our guarantee that we will test each eligible toy to the best of our abilities and we will respect your concerns about hygiene and intimacy to the utmost. In practice, this means the use of medical-grade gloves and /or hand sanitizer while handling any products (referring to the toy itself, not its packaging). We will insert batteries into any electric / electronic device and verify it's functionality by turning it on, running the controls through each speed and/or mode and watching listening for the appropriate behaviour. If the toy is fully functional, it is repackaged and we will note that the item was tested on your invoice to remind you that we opened your product and have verified that the toy is 100% functional. If the toy is not fully functional, we will discard it and try with a new one(s) until we are successful. For example, a 3speed vibrator will have batteries inserted, the device is turned on, and then each speed is selected and observed for an obvious change in speed and/or vibration quality. Once successful it is repackaged and sent to our shipping department. Notes: Testing is 100% optional. All items that are eligible for testing are clearly indicated on their web pages. You can request testing at time of purchase, and can even request only certain items be tested.

Why does my shipping information have to match my billing information?

Put simply, this is an anti-fraud measure we have instituted so that only you, the owner of your credit card, can benefit from purchases made at our site. While not foolproof, this requirement eliminates many of the most common attempts at online credit card fraud.

Please explain your returns policy.

Due to the intimate nature of the products we sell, we are unable to accept returned merchandise for any reason. This policy allows you to be 100% certain that any item you purchase from us is clean, and has never been touched by another customer's hands. Ever.

However, we appreciate that this can make potential buyers somewhat uncertain about online purchases.

Here's what we've done to help:

  1. As is the case within our physical brick & mortar stores, you can request that we verify that the toy is 100% functional before we charge you for the purchase. See the details of our testing procedures elsewhere in this FAQ.
  2. If you would feel more comfortable seeing and purchasing the item(s) in person, you can visit one of our 4 retail locations in Calgary. You can find our addresses by clicking the Locations link.
  3. In order for you to make an informed decision, we make every attempt to give you as much information as possible about each item that we carry. This consists of : manufacturer descriptions, general dimensions, product images, our own reviews (pending), and customer reviews (pending).
  4. Adult Source Calgary has been in business for over twenty years. We are not a virtual or web-business only. We carry over 3000 individual products in each of our 4 stores. So you can be confident that we are a legitimate, well founded business working hard to make sure that your purchases are fun and trouble-free.