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Style - Sport - Sex ... how will überlube improve your life today? Überlube is a premium lubricant - designed exclusively to transmit a sensation while reducing friction. Überlube provides a natural feeling, performs during use, then dissipates through the...

Product Description

Style - Sport - Sex ... how will überlube improve your life today?

Überlube is a premium lubricant - designed exclusively to transmit a sensation while reducing friction.
Überlube provides a natural feeling, performs during use, then dissipates through the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.
It won't harm healthy bacteria or affect Ph levels - made with mild, inert ingredients.
Überlube is a silicone lubricant. It will not lodge outside of yeast, bacteria or mold.
Fragrance-free, tasteless and colorless - never sticky, sticky or oily.
Athletes use it as an effective and lasting antifriction. Salons use überlube to finish the hair and add shine, seal in moisture and straighten.
The treatment pump is measured and allows one hand to remain free during application. No caps or covers to open, close, unscrew or the like.
New users first buy überlube for product design, and then continue to buy because überlube delivers on its performance promise.
Überlube is made in the United States by Überlube. Precision formulated from the best ingredients available.
Tested in batches by a third party to guarantee quality standards.
Überlube is the result of hundreds of iterations of formulas and years of extensive field testing.

Überlube for style.
Weightless and oil-free, überlube tames, detangles, relaxes and conditions, adding shine to your hair. Removes eye makeup. Gives your skin a soft and healthy complexion. One more addition, it can also be used to reduce the inner friction of the thigh.
Try this: applied to hair before or after blow drying. Mix with your favorite wax or paste to add texture, shine and reduce frizz. Transform your hair product into an extraordinary über product!
To remove eye makeup, simply apply a dose of überlube to a cotton ball, close your eyes and wipe dry, then wash off the remaining makeup during your facial cleansing routine.
Have you just shaved your legs? Apply another dose and give your legs a healthy glow while reducing thigh friction.

Überlube for sport.
Long-lasting, non-greasy and harmless to the body, überlube is a reliable companion on long intense races, bike rides and soccer tournaments. Leaves skin clean and smooth, without oily residue. High quality but simple ingredients make überlube an ideal conditioner to protect hair and skin.
Try this: apply a small amount to areas prone to friction, then enjoy the silky protection of überlube for hours! Swimming? Become more aerodynamic and faster by rubbing a small amount all over your body to reduce friction and improve sliding in water.
Since überlube is super smooth, use caution if it falls on the floor. Fortunately, it can also be easily cleaned with soap, lukewarm water and a paper towel - no sweat!

Überlube for sex.
Safe for the body and condoms, überlube is recommended by doctors and sex educators because it will not harm healthy bacteria or affect the delicate pH balance of a woman. Überlube's long-lasting silicone formula makes it the ideal choice for intimate moments both inside and outside the water.
Try this: apply a dose during intimate moments to keep things smooth and slippery.
You will notice that überlube dissipates leaving your skin soft and silky.
All of our durable glass bottles and stylish, refillable travel formats feature a metered pump that distributes the ideal amount every time, allowing you to keep a hand in the game.
Use with a condom? Here's a pro tip: 2 drops inside the condom and a dose outside will increase the pleasure for both!

The advantages of Überlube in sports training:
• Long-term protection
• Maintains lubrication while being actively used
• When inactive, it dries and leaves a silky finish
• Remains in place - Does not run and does not get dirty
• A small amount will cover a large area - only requires a small dose
• Resistant to sweat and water
• Safe for entry and exit of swimsuits and neoprene clothing
• Durable / discreet travel case - Ideal for pockets, gym bags and purses
• Measured pump distributor - Allows identical application every time
• Without Parabens, preservative or Petrochemicals
• Hypoallergenic
• No animal product - safe for Vegans
• Does not stick
• Non-oily / greasy
• Odorless and tasteless
• No tingling sensation
• Non-irritating
• Does not stain clothing
• No leaks or spills
• Tested in batches by a third party to guarantee quality standards.
• Doctor-Recommended-Used in OB-GYN practices
• For men and women
• Made in the USA

About the packaging:
Überlube is packaged in type 1 borosilicate glass, a glass specially used for stressful applications such as Pyrex laboratory glass, telescope mirrors and aquarium water heaters.
The clear bottle lets you see the purity.
The discreet design is suitable for bedside tables.
A sealed bottle and the top keeps überlube inside and dust outside.
Hygienic and non-porous means that bacteria cannot hide anywhere.
The bottle is easy to clean with a quick soapy rinse - keep your überlube fresh like new.
Überlube bottles and sachets are practical travel formats. Be careful, a small amount will cover a large area.

Überlube is a silicone-based lubricant with a small amount of vitamin E to improve the finish and leave a feeling of softness.
Überlube has the following ingredients:
Tocopherol acetate (vitamin E)

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