Masturbation – A self care solution to Pandemic Burnout!

Masturbation – A self care solution to Pandemic Burnout!

      The Pandemic Burn Out is a real feeling it has affected everyone in a different way. Some lost their jobs and have had to try and navigate unemployment while living on a tight, fixed income. Others have had to endure weekly changes to the way they perform their jobs to ensure they adhere to the Government safety guidelines. Sufficed to say we have all been carrying the burden of a lot more stress on our shoulders. We cannot change much about our external environments, but we can focus a little more on self-care to ensure our internal environment is a healthier one.

      What do you do for yourself? Do you remember to stop and focus on what you need? I can tell you- I don’t. I spend all my time focusing on how to keep clean, and safe and end up completely forgetting to relieve myself of some of the daily grind.

      Most people know that masturbation releases dopamine, the feel-good chemicals, into the brain. So, it just makes sense that masturbation would help us to deal with some of the stresses of our day-to-day and help get our heads to a place where it is a little easier to approach the upcoming days. Did you know women are more likely to get anxiety disorders than their male counterparts? Stress can also affect menstrual cycles and decrease our sex drives- which can in turn affect our relationships with our partners, or ourselves.

      We know that stress is no good… but particularly during this pandemic, it’s hard to figure out what you can do to relieve some of the stress. Self-care is a huge thing to focus on to try to mitigate some of the bad feelings. Self-care acts can be as small as ensuring you are eating proper meals, to making sure you shower, or bathe, or drink enough water and get some exercise. Adding something small to your self-care routine could help increase the impact of it.

      Are you 420 friendly? Try having a hoot (or more) of an appetite stimulating sativa strain. Then spend some time and find the best recipe you can make with what you’ve got at home.. Maybe an edible and your favorite Spotify playlist with a puzzle? Trust us, you’ll feel much better.

     If you’re looking to punch up your bath time routine try adding a bath bomb or essential oils. This will help stimulate all of your senses and lead to you feeling more grounded. You can also choose from a huge selection of waterproof toys.. Spend some time in the bath exploring yourself. We highly suggest adding a Satisfyer or We-Vibe Product. Not only will this help reduce some of the stress you feel but you can help boost your self-esteem and body image by doing this regularly.

     Are you like me? I feel all my stress and anxiety in my neck. I spend my day at the computer rolling my neck to try and get some relief. Turns out those endorphins that get released during an orgasm have pain killing properties. These endorphins react with the opiate receptors in your brain and will change the perception of pain. You also get the same rush of endorphins from eating dark chocolate. So next time you’re in between Zoom calls and your neck is bugging you, grab that dark chocolate, and your fave toy and work out those kinks the best way possible. 😉 You will go into your next meeting feeling pain free and in a total zen state of mind.

      Haven’t had a second to yourself today? Go to bed 10 minutes earlier, give yourself a couple minutes before bed to yourself. Masturbating right before bed can help improve your sleep. Not only will the orgasm help you wind down, but they also release hormones like prolactin and oxytocin which can help you feel sleepy—even more than any Sleepy-Time tea! Not knocking the stuff, cause lord knows we love our Sleepy-Time tea around here, but nothing beats that final solo sesh of the day.

     The best part about all of this is, you don’t need anything other than yourself- and maybe your favourite toy if you want to include that. Here’s to a very stress free #MasturbationMay.

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